Founders & Members


Sherwood Hall was founded by Mrs. Olga Frohlich, an educationist and a Visionary. Her love for children and education prompted her to found the School in June 1971. It started as a small school with the Nursery Section and classes I to VII. Mrs. Frohlich enrolled experienced teachers and the school soon became well-known for its discipline, music and imparting quality education.

In the year 1974, Mrs. Frohlich ensured the affiliation of Sherwood Hall to the Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi. In 1979, classes XI & XII were introduced, thus paving the way for full-fledged Senior Secondary School.


The school is now managed by Sherwood Educational Society – its members being Mrs. Devi PalaniSwamy, President and Mrs. Shree Vidhya Murali, M.A. Correspondent.

Mrs. Devi Palaniswamy - President
Mrs. Shree Vidhya Murali - Correspondent
Mrs. Diva Krishna - Principal

Vision Statement

The Vision of the school is to provide a safe and conducive environment for the holistic development of the student by empowering and inspiring them to transform into responsible individuals through critical thinking, leadership qualities and appropriate life skills.


Mission Statement

To achieve the above vision, the Mission of the Institution is to achieve the following by 2020.
Development of infrastructure through technology aided learning and enhancement of the personal and professional skills of the Management and Staff.
Collaborative working of students, teachers and parents towards common goals.
To provide opportunities for students to explore both scholastic and non-scholastic areas of development.
To create leaders who have a sense of responsibility in becoming contributing members of the Global Community.
To appreciate and respect individual differences by providing a uniform platform of learning for all.
To equip and guide students with information regarding career opportunities and choices.
To strengthen the emotional and social skills of a student for better adjustment in society to lead a productive life.
To inculcate 21st Century skill sets of team work, effective time management, goal setting, communication and critical thinking.


1 Status of affiliation Provisional
2 Affiliation No. 1930022
3 School Code No. 55023
4 U - DISE No. 33020501511