The School follows a Continuous and Comprehensive Assessment (CCA) System consistent with the requirements of the CBSE board. The system provides a holistic assessment of a student that covers scholastic and co-scholastic areas like Life Skills, Sports and Games and other co-curricular activities.

The Formative Assessment is a tool used by the teacher to continuously monitor student progress in a non-threatening environment. There are tasks associated with each assessment to make the topic more creative and interesting for the child.

The Summative Assessment is the terminal assessment of performance at the end of the instruction. This is conducted as a written examination at the end of the term.

Grading - The result of assessments is not reported in the form of marks attained but is given in the form of grades. The Grade awarded to the student is a collective indicator of the overall performance of the student for the period of the Assessment.

Language Scheme

Class I & II
          Second Language        Tamil 
          Third Language           Hindi

Classes III to V
          Second Language        Hindi /Tamil

Classes VI to VIII
          Second Language        Hindi /Tamil / French
          Third Language           Hindi / Tamil

Classes IX & X
          Second Language        Hindi / Tamil / French

The academic year is from April to March for the year 2016-17 The school has the following sections.

    • Pre-primary school section consisting of LKG and UKG classes
    • Primary School section consisting of Std I to IV
    • Middle School section consisting of Std V to VIII
    • Secondary School section consisting of Std. IX and X.
    • Senior Secondary school section consisting of Std. XI and XII

To improve the understanding of subjects some interesting programmes have been integrated in the Curriculum.

XSEED - Classes 1-3 are working using this curriculum. XSEED is a proven and research based academic program for schools that builds thinking skills & problem solving confidence in children. XSEED children ask more questions, can write in their own words, like doing word problems in mathematics, can complete their homework on their own, are not afraid to speak-up in English, persist longer in solving problems, and score well on tests. At the heart of XSEED is the belief that learning is a cycle based on experience, analysis, action and reflection as compared to telling which is one step. XSEED is thus designed around the 5 Step Experiential Learning Method that replaces the one - step 'Telling' approach.

Crea Shakthi - Theatre's benefits of being a well-rounded craft has found its way into the mainstream education of our country. As of 2015, they have added a structure and grammar to the curriculum for classes 3 to 8, as well as customized after school sessions - for all age groups with authorized certification from Trinity College, London Drama & Speech. These classes are loved by the children where they are able to express themselves with great ease.

Robotics - This is offered to the children of classes 5-7. The Curriculum is such that it helps to make academic learning fun for school children. We encourage a greater degree of design experimentation that are well suited for school children and school curriculum. Robot building kit adapts itself with school education and makes classroom learning fun, lively and easy.